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Training for beginners

Drupal, first of all, is an actively developing community. Therefore, we are interested in new people and ideas. For this purpose, special trainings are held for beginners in many cities annually. This year such training will be held in the framework of Drupal Camp MSK.

The training is foreseen for students and beginner web-developers, but it will be interesting for other CMS followers. The course includes all main aspects necessary for creation of the first web-site.

Considered issues:

  • Installation and setup of environment
  • Installation of Drupal
  • Initial setup of Drupal
  • Installation of modules and themes for Drupal
  • Practical part: Creation of a single-page site Landing Page

It is desirable to prepare ideas and materials for your site beforehand.

The training will be held on November 28, at 12:00.
Duration of the course: 3 hours.
A laptop will be needed for fulfillment of the practical part of the course.
The course is free of charge.