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Moscow is the largest city in Europe both by its area and by population as well. This should be taken into consideration when you plan your travel.
 Much time is spent on the road, great excitement in social and cultural areas, and the high tempo of life of citizens.

Moscow is usually covered with snow at the end of November. Daily average air temperature is around -3°C. However, in the recent years, the weather in November was mild and warm, and snow-free up to December.

City transport

Public transport: metro, trolleybus, bus and tram are functioning from 6 am to 1 am. Route taxis work until 11 pm.

The fare is paid by contactless cards: on land transport it is paid at the entrance to a vehicle, and in the underground is at the entrance to the station.

Travel in route taxis is paid in cash only.

Tickets “Yediniy (common)” (of blue colour) and “90 minutes” (of light green colour) are suitable for all types of transport (except taxis). Tickets are foreseen for 1, 2, 5, 11, 20, 40 or 60 trips.

There is a “Yediniy (common)” ticket for 24 hours. The ticket “90 minutes” is valid for one trip in the underground and unlimited travel on land transport within 90 minutes.

You can also purchase a reloadable transport card “Troyka” and use it as a common ticket or as a purse from which you will be charged a fixed fare.

Tickets can be purchased at all metro stations, kiosks near bus stops and from drivers of on-land transportation. The “Troyka” is available only in the metro. In offices, kiosks and vending machines tickets are sold and reloaded only for cash.

Additional information:

Railway Stations

There are 9 stations in Moscow and all of them are used for suburban communication (commuter trains) as well as for long-distance trains. All stations are located in the city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the metro, circle line or nearby stations.

In this regard, the train is a very convenient way to reach the city centre avoiding traffic jams.

Tickets are sold only for cash at stations. Usually there are queues at box-offices.

Long-distance train tickets can be purchased on the website of Russian Railways.

There is possibility for online registration for many trains; in this case you will not need any ticket.

If such registration is not provided, there are automatic terminals at the stations where you can print tickets purchased online.


There are three airports in Moscow, and they all are located outside the city at long distances.

Please note that there are several terminals at the Sheremetyevo airport and that they are located at a distance from each other.

The most convenient and fastest way to get from the airport to the city or vice versa is a special train “Aero-express”. Trains depart every hour or half an hour. One can clarify the schedule and buy tickets on the website of the carrier.

Aero-express moves without stops, travel time is 35-45 minutes. Trains from/to airports arrive at/depart from the stations:

  • “Sheremetyevo” airport (SVO) – “Belorusskiy” railway station (metro station “Belorusskaya”)

  • “Domodedovo” airport (DME) – “Paveletsky” railway station (metro station “Paveletskaya”)

  • “Vnukovo” airport (VKO) – “Kievskiy” railway station (metro station “Kievskaya”)

Tickets can also be purchased in automatic terminals located at the airports, railway stations, and in some cases at the exit from the platform (i.e. you can buy a ticket upon arrival). You can pay either in cash or by pay card.

If you want to get from the airport by taxi, it is better to order it in advance, since many taxi fleets have fixed fares from/to the airports (see the section “Taxi”).

A taxi in-place will likely be considerably more expensive.


Taxi in Moscow is not the cheapest form of transport. There are taxis whose fare will be paid on time base and the other ones take payment for distance. Calling a taxi, take into account that Moscow is a very big city and there are often traffic jams. To calculate the cost of taxi and its booking you can use the service Yandex.Taxi.

In Moscow you can find accommodation for every taste and budget.

Hotel services are developed well, but daily rent of private housing is not particularly common.

Do not worry because of the remoteness from the centre, the majority of residents spend an hour or more get to work, it is ordinary. It is better to pay attention to the proximity to the metro.

Useful services:

If you have any problems with accommodation, and that stops you from travel to the conference, please contact the organizers, we will try our best to help you.

There are three leading mobile operators in Moscow: MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. The quality and cost of services provided by all three operators is about the same. You can easily purchase a SIM card anywhere at almost every step. Mobile Internet 3G and even 4G is available almost everywhere and it works well. Therefore we recommend that you choose a tariff with unlimited or prepaid Internet traffic.

Free Wi-Fi access is available in the vast majority of cafes and restaurants, railway stations, airports, subways and other public places.

Out of paid Wi-Fi networks Beeline Wi-Fi has the largest expanse.

Also, the 4G Internet is available from the network Yota, but it will need a special modem.

Payment for communication services can be done through numerous communication shops, automatic terminals or via the Internet.

Moscow never sleeps, and that’s true! Many entertainment venues are open till late in the night or 24 hours a day: clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, bowling, cinema and whatsoever you can imagine are at your service (except gambling).

Moscow is one of the world capitals of entertainment, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Good places are often overcrowded, so we recommend to book seats in advance!

All calculations in Moscow are made in rubles.

Currency can be exchanged at banks or exchange kiosks. Pay attention to the exchange rate, it can be very different from place to place.

Trading stores and places of public nourishment usually accept cards.

Transport and taxis can be paid in cash only. In fact, this is the only expense that you will need cash for, for everything else you can use a card.

We offer to your attention the range of 10 places to visit in Moscow additionally to the Red Square.

1. The Complex “Moscow City”

The complex of high Buildings which became a symbol of modern Moscow. The promenade on the riverside offers gorgeous views of the downtown.

An observation deck is open on the 58th floor of the Empire tower.
Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 6 (Metro stations “Vystavochnaya”, “Delovoy Tsentr”).

2. Gorky Park

By the end of November a skating-rink and trails in the Park are filled, and the park turns into the most popular winter holiday destination for Muscovites.

There is another interesting and unusual place opposite the Gorky Park - Park Muzeon.
Krimsky Val, 9 (Metro stations “Park Kultury”, “Oktyabrskaya”).
Krimsky Val, property 2 (Metro stations “Park Kultury”, “Oktyabrskaya”).

3. An observation platform on Vorobyovy Gory

Be sure to visit the updated observation deck from where it opens beautiful views of the capital.

At the same time you can walk along the complex of Buildings of Moscow State University.

Kosygina street, 30 (Metro station "Vorobyevy gory").

4. Moscow metro

One of the main symbols and legends of the city is the Moscow metro. You should definitely go down into the "underground palaces" to know the city from inside. If you're wondering where to go exactly, we recommend that you start from the circle line, where the most beautiful stations are situated on.
Sadovoye Koltso (metro stations of the ring line).

5. Ostankino tower

If you want to see the entire city of Moscow you should immediately come here. TV tower is the highest Building in Europe, its height is 540 meters.

Excursions to the observation deck at a height of 337 meters are held daily, but we recommend that you book your visit in advance.
Akademika Koroleva st., 15 (Metro station "VDNKH").

6. VDNKH (Exhibition Center)

Exhibition Center is a great place to relax. The largest amusement park in Moscow, various museums and cafes are situated on the territory of the complex.

In the summer you can admire fountains and take a ride on the rollers. There are lots of opportunities to have a good time in the cold season too.
Prospekt Mira, 119 (Metro station "VDNKH").

7. Moscow planetarium

The Moscow planetarium invites you to travel to distant stars and galaxies. Cinema sessions via unique equipment are on in the big hall, the images which are projected onto the inner surface of the spherical ceiling and it seems as if you look at the night sky.
Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya st., 5, unit. 1 (Metro stations “Barrikadnaya”, “Krasnopresnenskaya”).

8. Victory Park

Another remarkable place - the Park and the memorial complex on Poklonnaya Gora. The Triumphal arc is situated here as well, that is another symbol of victory.
Ploshshad Pobedy, 3 (Metro station “Park Pobedy”).

9. Boulevard ring

Starting from November, in the dark period of the day decorative illumination of trees and other objects is switched on all along the Boulevard ring.

A scenery of an indescribable beauty awaits you on Chistoprudny Boulevard and Pushkin square, and a little further you can turn to Arbat, the main pedestrian street of Moscow.

Boulevard ring (Metro station "Chistiye Prudy").

10. Bolotniy island

In conclusion, I would like to tell you about the favorite place of the author of this collection. This island has a truly extraordinary energy.

There are many interesting buildings and historic sites: Large and Small stone bridges, Patriarchal bridge, the House on the embankment, sculpture composition on Bolotnaya square, the monument to Peter the great and others.

Serafimovicha st. (Metro stations “Borovitskaya”, “Kropotkinskaya”).

Welcome to Moscow!