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Information for Sponsors

We apply to you for support in conducting Drupal Camp MSK 2014.

We expect to host about 300 people from Russia, CIS and other countries of the world.

We suggest you to take an active part in development of Drupal communities in Russia and become a sponsor of the event!

Benefits you will get by becoming a sponsor are:

  1. Advertisement of your company in halls and premises during the event.
    Your advertisement will be seen by over 300 people a day.
  2. Advertisement of your company on the website of the event.
    Your advertisement will be seen by more than 10,000 unique visitors.
  3. Advertisement of your company in breaks between reports in the form of slideshow on the projector.
  4. Promotional products of your company on flip charts and in packages of participants.
  5. Mention in the opening speech during opening of the event and in the final speech at closing of the camp.
  6. Free entrance to the event.

Also, at the event, there is an opportunity to organize special promotions and contests to attract audience attention to your services and products.

Take a look at our sponsorship packages.

Standard sponsorship packages

max 4
max 8
no limits
Sponsor page on a web site Big size logo with a description (≈200 words) Middle size logo with a description (≈100 words) Middle size with a description (≈50 words)
The sponsor logo on the screensavers in the breaks between sessions Big Big Small
Free admission to the event 5 persons 3 persons 2 persons
Presentation of Sponsor during the event At the opening and closing of the event At the opening of the event No
Logos at the web site front page Yes Yes No
Jobs posting on the web site Yes Yes No
Banner or stand in a lobby during the event Yes Yes No
Banner or stand in one of the halls of the event Yes No No
Post at the event blog (after the event) Yes No No
Advertising sending for the participants of the event (1 letter) Yes No No
Certified report Yes No No
Session halls with sponsor name Yes No No

Special sponsorship packages

Diamond Sponsor
from $5000
just 1
We are looking for our honorary unique and diamond sponsor and are ready to offer special conditions in addition to those listed in the standard sponsorship packages.

Drupal Friends
$50, $75, $100
no limits
only private sponsors
The names of all Drupal friends will be listed on the camp sponsors' page in a separate unit in order of the date of payment of the sponsorship package.